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Ford (NYSE:F) reports sales fell 51.4% in Europe during Q2, although the automaker held on to its 7.1% market share.

северен рейн-вестфалия Премиерът на Северен Рейн–Вестфалия: Българи и румънци. – Заразата от коронавирус е внесена от българи и румънци, заяви премиерът на провинция Северен Рейн – Вестфалия Армин Лашет. Изказването бе направено, след като кланица в провинцията се превърна в огнище на инфекцията Северен Рейн-Вестфалия, (de/АЛДЕ), изтъква, че държавите-членки и ЕС трябва да посрещнат кризата като общност

An injured driver had to be rescued from a vehicle that smashed into a wall in a Derbyshire village. Residents of Glapwell.

Lexus.bg – Following a slow start, the Kuga SUV has been one of Ford’s bestselling models for a while now. The latest generation is.

Ford Motor Company said that its sales in Europe fell by more than half in the second quarter, in line with the overall.

The negative impact of the coronavirus on the economy cast doubt on Ford’s (NYSE:F) survival. But Ford is 117 years and will live for 100 years more if it keeps innovating its product. The Bronco.

Most searches for used cars begin on Google – and now the most popular used models in the UK have been revealed. Hundreds of.

The Ford Bronco is back after a 24-year break as Ford delivers a 21st century take on the original Bronco, and a Bronco ‘Kuga.

The driver was pulled from the wreckage by emergency services and taken to hospital A driver had to be rescued from their car.

With America coming together over the Black Lives Matter movement, we’re on the verge of momentous change. And not just.

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Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips Last week, Ford’s (NYSE:F) release of the Bronco went so well that the.

The second generation Ford Kuga is more spacious than before and includes new technology like an electric tailgate that can be opened and closed by ‘kicking’ your foot under the rear bumper. On sale.

• Upcoming 3008 to be sportier than current model • Platform supports electric and PHEV models • Plans for practical 5008 SUV.

It might not be the ideal vehicle for British climates, with the stripped-down SUV looking ready-made for the Wastelands of a.

Many buyers are trading in their hatchbacks and MPVs for a high-riding rugged-looking family SUVs. Take a look at our list of.

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The Ford Kuga evolved quite a lot in ‘C520’-series second generation guise launched in 2012, but ideally as a used buyer, you’d stretch to the facelifted version of this design launched in 2016. In.

The general-purpose SUV gets a new trim and a hybrid system but does it have what it takes to stand out in an.

Another smokin’-hot AMG?Yup, AMG remains determined to put chilli up the chuff of pretty much every Mercedes. Although not.

Motoring websites across Europe carried detailed coverage of Ford’s bold new revival of the Bronco, and positive reaction to.