The cast and creators of the Netflix series Cursed explain how it explores King Arthur’s saga from a fresh (and female).

Vikings favorite Gustaf Skarsgard is no stranger to period costuming. He spent years in kohl, face paint, and linen shirts, traipsing around foggy fields as the show’s resident wacko shipbuilder,

Saruman, one of the story’s villains, uses an all-powerful seeing stone called a palantir to surveil his enemies.

Later in the story, when Gandalf reappears, I had a sense of relief and elation that seemed some small tincture of the joy of.

I went out to buy groceries for maybe the fifth time since March. Mask, check. Face shield, check. Spray bottle of alcohol,

Take for instance this enchanting forest that looks like it belongs in a fantasy novel. Located in between the states of.

So, you’ve recently died. Maybe you made a Heroic Sacrifice. Maybe you were unfortunate enough to be the hero’s Satellite.

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Will Elijah Wood cameo in Lord Of The Rings show? – That’s why Elijah Wood, who played Frodo Baggins in all three of Peter Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings film as well as The Hobbit.

Gustaf Skarsgård, who played the neurotic shipwright Floki on History’s Vikings, explains how his time on the hit historical.

A CAT returned home with an angry note stuck to his collar threatening to KIDNAP him because he wandered into a stranger’s.

On almost any morning of the year, the goose compound is greeted with indifference. Gandalf, the gander, says to Mrs. Goose, pay him no mind, he is just chief cook.

Barman Daniel Richardson said he burst into tears after getting a message from a pub owned by Lord of the Rings star Sir Ian.

By Terry GalvanIn the sixteenth installment of Chicago-based urban fantasy series The Dresden Files, wizard-for-hire Harry.

For the Mountain View High School graduates, their high school careers required “a long road,” but they made it despite the.

Middle Earth is returning to New Zealand in a series set thousands of years before the books – but what does it all have to.

Gandalf, a white Bengal and Russian blue crossbreed, aged 4, had been out and about in Bridgend, Wales, for just an hour when.

"It was, I think, 101 or 105 [degrees], and we were under lights," Langford tells ET’s Lauren Zima. "I was wearing three.

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Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9’s regular round up of the coolest toys and merch on the internet lately. This week: as San Diego Comic-Con draws (virtually) ever nearer, we’ve got tasty exclusives from.

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