Society, too, must have had its beginning, but theorists from Hume to Marx to Darwin and writers such as Shelley and Dostoevsky may never solve the question of whom or what came first: the individual.

Wherever you look today, you see politics. There’s politics in academia. There’s politics in the movie business. There’s politics behind the Nobel Prize, which Gandhi didn’t get but Jimmy Carter did.

The Sri Lanka Guardian is an online web portal founded in August 2007 by a group of concerned Sri Lankan citizens including.

In the documentary “Becoming,” about Michelle Obama’s tour promoting her book of the same name, there is a scene where the.

We have become a society that valorises illiteracy and puts a premium on men of low degree; where values and standards count.

OF SUBSTANCE AND SPIRIT Boy Noriega was fulfilled as a literary person because writing drama was more demanding. The muse.

Vikingi Sezon 4 The Winfield High School football team has had enough of its brutal early-season schedule following Friday night’s 56-13 loss to state-power McPherson in AV-CTL D-III action at Richard L. Jantz. The Vikings announced that Pro Bowl defensive end Danielle Hunter will start the season on injured reserve. That means he’ll. American Conference will begin its

The Israeli haredim whom Lizman does represent bring to mind the 262,000+ motorcyclists who crowded into Sturgis, South.

YOU never know the value of freedom until you’ve lost it. The hard-won freedoms that our fathers bravely fought for are.

Taking time to acknowledge your need to care for yourself is an essential depression management strategy, as you find in self.

Is Duterte a ‘post-modern’ Marcos? | Inquirer Opinion – Reflecting on Fyodor Dostoevsky’s “The Possessed” (1871), the French writer Albert Camus argued that the biggest challenge of our times is increasingly the “inability to believe” in any.

A century ago, a first wave of Russian emigration took the world of culture by storm. Euronews Cult examines that amazing.

Leo Bearman Jr. acted as counsel in many significant cases, and was actively involved in the Memphis community. He passed.

To the child crusaders of the "Royal Oak Park Youth Action League": Quit kidding yourselves. You have no power and no influence. You’re being exploited by a small group of adult cowards who are using.

"The only thing I care about is aiming for the pinnacle as a writer: being compared to Dostoevsky, James Baldwin or Toni.

Part documentary, part narrative, Ephraim Asili’s feature debut is a Godardian meta movie about what drives diasporic.

Anuradha Roy found whimsical connections between the personal and the political as she researched her novel, ‘All the Lives.

Robert James Douglas Bird—an expert on Russian literature, film and modernism—died Sept. 7 in Chicago after a nine-month battle with colon cancer. He was 50. A prolific author and lecturer, Bird’s.

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You probably think North Korea is thousands of miles away. Actually, it is as close as your nearest university. By and large.

Aristotle Contra Mundum: The Woke Come for the Philosopher.

– Professor Agnes Callard is admirable in her unwillingness to cancel Aristotle. In light of recent events, she might find his.

The educated idiots who are driving this country towards totalitarianism had precursors in pre-revolutionary Russia.